Frustration and Language Learning

I bet it comes as no surprise that there is a certain amount of frustration that goes hand in hand with foreign language learning.  The sweet spot is when it’s just enough that you feel challenged, and you feel the pleasure of success when you accomplish a difficult task, or get a message figured out, … Read more

Major Differences Between Spanish and English 3/5: The Words of Spanish

This is part of a series going over major differences between English and Spanish: The Look of Spanish – Differences with the spelling, punctuation, and written markings of Spanish The Sound of Spanish – A brief overview on how Spanish pronunciation compares to English pronunciation The Words of Spanish – Things to know that are inherently different about … Read more

Teacher’s Confession: Something I Really Love

A few years ago, I wrote this essay after participating in NaNoWriMo (a project where you write 50,000 words towards a novel in November).  I thought I’d share it here…  enjoy! — So I just finished writing in my journal about how much I love writing, and I’m already up way past my bedtime.  I’m … Read more