Care Center Spanish Fall 2017

Review and practice concepts from class!

Care Center Spanish

This online “course” is where you can find info relevant to our in-person meetings:

  • Role-Specific Serving Phrases
  • Weekly Notes
  • Relevant links from the “Intro to Spanish” course to study for more practice of conversation and pronunciation

Intro to Spanish

  • Basic Conversation Lessons
  • Pronunciation Lessons
  • Quizzes to practice vocabulary at the bottom of many lessons

To Access:

To view most of the content above you’ll need to be logged in.  When you try to register you’ll get an error message saying that your account isn’t validated.  You didn’t do anything wrong, I just need to go in and check a box that says “validate” and also manually enroll you in the two classes above.  Send me an e-mail once you’ve registered so I know to go in and do that.

For more detailed instructions on how to register for an account, view this pdf: Instructions for Gaining Access to Online Materials