Finding out if a guest is a first time visitor

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There are two very common ways to find out if a guest has visited the Care Center before.  It can be good to know both ways to ask to clear up confusion.

¿Ha estado aquí antes?

Have you been here before?

  • ¿ha estado? = have you been? (formal)
  • aquí = here
  • antes = before

¿Es su primera vez aquí?

Is it your first time here?

  • ¿es? = is it?
  • su = your (formal)
  • primera = first
  • vez = time (as in instance or repetition)
  • aquí = here


Stretch your mental muscles:

  1. Which question would a guest say “Sí” (yes) to if they are indeed a first time visitor?
  2. Which question would they say “Sí” to if they are NOT a first time visitor?


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