s18. Continuing Spanish – Week 1

Today’s Content

  1. Asking where our classmates serve at the Care Center!
  2. Review of content covered in 101 class
  3. Review of Pronunciation
    1. Vowels & Syllables Review
    2. The Lord’s Prayer
  4. New Vocab!!
    1. Family Members
    2. Compliments
      1. Qué + adjective
      2. How good! = ¡Qué bien!
      3. What a beautiful family!  ¡Qué bonita familia!
      4. What a cute baby! ¡Qué linda bebé!
  5. Grammar – Gender in Spanish & how it affects nouns, articles, adjectives
    1. Maybe next time.  We DID mention the following…
      1. el/la = THE en español
      2. un/una = A or AN en español


  1.  Feedback: What would you like to learn and practice this session?
  2. “Tracks” – Which describes you the most? (help me know my planning priorities)
    1. Exploring- I’m testing the waters – I may not be able to make every session
    2. Participant – ‘m excited to attend class but I don’t have time outside of class to practice my Spanish
    3. Committed – I’m excited to be here and I want to practice outside of class to improve my Spanish as much as I can

¿Donde sirve usted?

Here’s our board before we marked it up:

The marked up board and an audio file:


La familia

You can ask about a guest’s family members:

Is she your daughter?

  • ¿Es ella su hija?

No, she’s my niece.

  • No, ella es mi sobrina.

Is he your son?

  • ¿Es él su hijo?

Yes, he’s my son.

  • Sí, él es mi hijo.

Homework assignment:

Write about your family members.  You can use the words…

  • Soy…  I am
  • Tengo… I have
  • No tengo… I don’t have
  • Se llaman…  Their names are
  • Se llama… His/her name is

Pronunciation Practice

Here is the same document as above except the prayer includes syllable division along with the loudest syllable underlined:

The Lord’s Prayer:

Ideas for homework:

Check out the “Vocab Builder” course to the right and watch some of the videos from Lesson 1A- Family.  This might also help you when doing the homework assignment above about writing about your family! 🙂

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