s18. Continuing Spanish – Week 2

Today’s Content

  1. Things You Guys Want To Learn (according to your flashcards)
  2. Stuff for Sentence Making in Spanish
  3. New Vocab: Numbers & Dates
  4. Role-specific serving phrases: Intake

Also: review last week, close with the Lord’s Prayer

Cosas que ustedes quieren aprender

(Things you wrote down last week that you wanted to learn)

Asking about their car for intake / runners:

  • Could you tell me the type and color of your car?
  • ¿Me puede decir el tipo y color de su carro?
  • We need this information so that the volunteers know which car they should bring your groceries to after shopping.
  • Necesitamos esta información para que los voluntarios sepan a qué carro deben llevar sus comidas después de ir de compras.


Intake – clarify that they only have to enter birth children younger than 18

  • Solo necesitamos a los hijos menores de 18 años
  • We only need the children younger than 18 years

Review “How Are You?”


Ask how long it took to someone to drive here

Days of the week



Talking about money for clothing register

Articles of clothing

Short phrases to compliment guests

Intake Questions

How to make a sentence

Holding small conversations

Put together sentences with articles, pronouns, grammar stuff

Today we spent some time decoding some of the structure of Spanish, with the hopes that as some of you continue practicing Spanish on your own, some little words may sound just that much more familiar to you in Spanish.

Here are the “grammar” worksheets that we looked at today to help us with this…

Additionally, we reviewed numbers and practiced asking, What is your date of birth?

Click to view the pdf:  Los números de 1 a más de 200!

–> worksheet includes conversations with numbers


Youtube video going over numbers by 10’s:

We practiced describing talking about family members using the phrases…

  • Yo soy…

  • Él es…

  • Ella es…


Homework Ideas

Do a “5×4” vocab choice.

You’ll be practicing with 20 words.

Choose 4 activities from the list below.  For each activity, use at least 5 words.  Feel free to use new words and also to review old words, including from last week!

  1.  Write each word 5 times each.
  2. Use the word in a sentence.
  3. Categorize the words with other related words.
  4. Write a dialogue between two people that uses 5 words.
  5. Name the part of speech and then use the words in a sentence.
  6. Draw a picture of the words.
  7. For each word, look up two new words that are related to it to grow your vocabulary.
  8. Teach a friend or family member the words.
  9. Write an email to Molly that uses 5 of the words.
  10. Whatever else you can think of!!!

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