s18. Continuing Spanish – Week 3

Handouts from today:

  1. Review (pdf download) –  talking about serving roles and answers (we did this worksheet in class)
  2. Review (pdf download) – little words to talk about family <– Do This as a Homework Assignment!! 🙂  We will review on 5/5.
  3. New (pdf download) – food handout (for reference, we didn’t do too much with this in class)

El alfabeto

  1. Alphabet video (youtube link) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5c8bUpXopY (we watched this in class twice – practicing the alphabet is great for your listening comprehension!!!)  🙂
  2. Lyric  notes (pdf download) – croac croac alfabeto (check your understanding of the context)

More Content from Today!!!

Una “visita guiada” del Care Center…

Empty “Map”

“Map” filled in with Serving Areas en español

Frases para la Tienda de Comida

Más vocabulario y frases…

  • Las latas = cans
  • Las bolsas = bags
  • Voluntarios = Volunteers
  • Visitantes = Guests
  • Para usted = For you
  • Esta bolsa es para usted. = This bag is for you.
  • Usted puede tomar – You can take – tanto como quiera – as much as you want – del barril – from the barrel.
  • El refrigerador (re-fri-ger-a-DOR) – Refrigerator
  • El congelador (con-ge-la-DOR) – Freezer

Homework Suggestions

Suggestions #1  –



  • 6 envelopes
  • 18 notecards to use as dividers
  • Extra notecards, cut into 3rds, to use as your actual flashcards

Try out the flashcard system that we talked about in the 101 class.  To learn how to do it you can do one of 3 things:

My goal with this system is to give you a way to REALLY be able to memorize vocabulary over the long term (with consistent practice of 10-15 minutes a day depending on how many words you learn) … without forgetting it easily … and help you be more confident with some of your BASIC Spanish phrases.  It’s GREAT for our basic hospitality phrases and things that you would like to be able to remember to put into practice right away.

I’d love feedback on how this works for you if you try it.

Suggestion #2 –

Do a “5×4 VOCAB CHOICE” activity during the week

5×4 Vocab Choice–

Choose 4 activities from the list below.  For each activity, use at least 5 words.  In other words, you are practicing 20 total words in 4 different ways.

Feel free to use current words and phrases from class, or to review previous vocabulary phrases that we have learned.  Don’t worry about getting things perfect; the point is just to practice the vocabulary in a variety of ways so that it sticks in your mind.

  1.  Write each word 5 times each.
  2. Use the word in a sentence.
  3. Categorize the words with other related words.
  4. Write a dialogue between two people that uses 5 words.
  5. Name the part of speech and then use the words in a sentence.
  6. Draw a picture of the words.
  7. For each word, look up two new words that are related to it to grow your vocabulary.
  8. Teach a friend or family member the words.
  9. Write an email to Molly that uses 5 of the words.
  10. Whatever else you can think of!!!

Suggestion #3 –

Fill in Serving Area MAP

Print out Molly’s whiteboard “map” (above) of the Care Center and see how many serving areas in Spanish you can fill in.  Then look at the filled in version and write down areas that you missed!

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