s18. Continuing Spanish – Week 5

Handouts from Today:

Buen, buen padre

Spanish translation of the Chris Tomlin song “Good Good Father”



Whiteboard Notes from class today 🙂

Reviewing Hospitality Conversations……………how to

  1. welcome a guest
  2. ask about relationships between a guest and a child
  3. ask about relationships between guests of the same age


Reviewing how to

  • Ask where someone is from
  • Say what part of an area you are from

Also learning:

  • How to ask where someone’s family is from


Review & Something New (For Intake)……………

  • Asking if someone is here for food only, or food and clothing… and how to explain that the clothing is only for children 12 years and under.
  • Also, asking if a guest has interest in other services, and explaining a bit of what other services the Care Center offers.



A couple of people stayed after with grammar questions, so we went over the past tense and how to state future actions in Spanish.  In case you are interested in seeing those notes, here they are 😉

Comparing Past and Present Tense Conjugations…….


The past tense of IR (an irregular verb)…


Future Tense…

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