s18. Intro to Spanish – Week 5

Today’s Activities

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  1.  Review Worksheet– Check your answers
  2. 1-1 Conversation Practice – Circle Activity
  3. Question & Answer Time with our Special Guests!

Tonight we had 3 special guests:  Roger, Ernest and Robert.  A big thank you to these three volunteers who helped us!!  A few highlights from our conversation:

New Phrases Learned…

If you ask a guest if it’s their first time at the Care Center (¿Es su primera vez aquí?) and they say sí, you can say “bueno” before saying welcome —

  • Bueno, ¡bienvenido! (or bienvenida) = Good, welcome!

Other things you can say instead of bueno

  • Qué bien.  Similar to meaning of the English phrase, that’s great!  that’s good!
  • Súper.
  • Excelente.

When having a conversation with someone about where they’re from, if they say a country, you can say:

  • Qué bien.  ¿Qué parte?  How good.  What part?

Another very nice question that Robert uses to ask people where they are from:

  • ¿De qué parte del mundo es usted?  What part of the world are you from?

Radio Station Recommendation…

  • AM 1110 – Radio Moody (Also online at https://www.moodyradio.org/stations/radio-moody/)

We talked about…

  • Our guests shared with us how Spanish speakers appreciate our attempts to use Spanish, even if we make mistakes.
  • We talked about how Spanish speakers come from many different countries.  21 in total – including 1 in North America, 6 countries in central America, 3 in the Carribean, 9 in South America, 1 in Europe, and 1 in Africa.  This doesn’t include Puerto Rico as it is officially an unincorporated part of the US.  For more information visit this website:  https://www.spanish.cl/vocabulary-lists/spanish-speaking-countries-capitals.htm
  • We also talked about the importance of warm greetings! and smiles! and how in  Latino culture it is common to not make eye contact; don’t think that they are not listening to you just because they are not making eye contact.

p.s.  I updated last week’s notes to include the sample conversation about asking where someone is from that we did on the whiteboard.

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