s18. Intro to Spanish – Week 6

Today’s Activities –

Matamoscas (Flyswatter) Review Game

Wow, this board sure looked nicer before I wrote it all up after the pronunciation part of the lesson.  Still could be a useful word bank for the questions sheet…

Study idea – Download a fresh copy of the questions (first bullet point), see how many you remember, then check your work by viewing the answers (second bullet point)

Pronunciation: Syllables

Study idea – Download a fresh copy of the guided notes handout (first bullet point), see what you can fill in, then review the links to lessons/topics for review to find what you missed (second bullet point) then finally check your answers by viewing the guided notes answers (third bullet point)

Role-specific Phrases

I apologize that we didn’t have time to go through in detail some phrases for your serving roles.  I encourage you to check out the phrases that you can find here if you haven’t yet:

Ideas to Practice Vocabulary…

Here is the handout from class on 25 plus ways to practice vocabulary (pdf doc)

Anyone who is continuing for the 201 class – I’d be happy to give you feedback on any written Spanish you produce using these ideas to help you practice!!! 🙂

Music Recommendations

Radio Moody – https://www.moodyradio.org/stations/radio-moody/ – AM 1100

Youtube Playlist based off of “Aquí estamos para ti” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyS_HPQmrSQ&list=RDJyS_HPQmrSQ – We listen to this playlist a lot around our house!

  • Study idea – Listen to this while looking up words in “google translate” to grow your vocabulary and pronunciation ability as you sing along


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