Welcoming a Guest

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In Spanish the word “Welcome” changes based on with whom you’re talking.  The basic way to say Welcome is “Bienvenido” – a similar word to English, the combination of the words “bien” (well) and “venido” (come).  Note how this word changes:

  • Bienvenido – when talking to a man
  • Bienvenida – when talking to a woman
  • Bienvenidos – when talking to all males or a mixed gender group
  • Bienvenidas – when talking to all females

Are they a first time visitor?

NO, they are not a first time visitor (Ha estado aquí antes…They’ve been here before…  No es su primera vez…  It’s not their first time…)

¡Bienvenido* de nuevo!

Welcome back!

YES, they are a first time visitor.  (Es su primera vez aquí…  It’s their first time here…  No ha estado aquí antes…  They haven’t been here before…)

¡Bienvenido* al Care Center!

Welcome to the Care Center!

*Remember to say BIENVENIDA if you are addressing a woman, and BIENVENIDOS/BIENVENIDAS if you are addressing multiple people.

There is no need to say “Care Center” in Spanish given that it is a proper name.


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